Chinatown above the film noir genre essay

The greatest example of this is seen during the exchange between him and Evelyn when he is trying to find out the truth about Katherine.

Gittes in a restaurant decorated in garish reds, and in the final sequence when Evelyn is shot, her blood splattered across her face and the brown leather seat of the car. He is a crass joker, he sis willing to get violent with both men and women who cause him trouble, and never lets physical threats scare him off a case.

He simply is not perfect, and ultimately fails to see the bigger picture of what he is involved with until. Unlike most Hollywood private eyes, Jake tends to be wrong more often than he is right. Like the film noir detectives that came before him, Jake exhibits some of the common traits of the typical private dick.

At moments when tension and disruption abound, the color red emerges. The various hues of brown and gold can be seen throughout the film, from clothing to homes to work environments to the drought-ridden desert surrounding Los Angeles.

Jake, however, also departs from the film noir tradition when he lets his emotions get the best of him.

Chinatown: Above the Film Noir Genre

In addition, Evelyn is not the classic femme fatale. This propensity to make mistakes, however, is what allows the audience to quickly identify with him better than they might a traditional private eye. Chinatown, however, is different.

Polanski shot Chinatown with color film, and though his colors do appear especially vivid, color film precludes the contrast intensity that black and white film offers. Above the Film Noir Genre By: Above the Film Noir Genre. Yes, Chinatown for the most part conforms to the structure of film noir, but this film departs from the general genre, creating an entirely different element in which Roman Polanksi examines not only big-money corruption and its malignant obsession with money, but also larger, more human themes such as ignorance, authority, and the pervasiveness of evil.

Resorting for the first time to violence against a woman, the near desperation with which Jake pushes Evelyn to confess is an expression of his fears and anxieties about being completely lost amidst the lies that surround him. It shows how Jake is persistent and dedicated to his job, even if it always seems like he is in over his head.

While classic film noir is characterized by high compositional tension, or low lit black and white cinematography, Polanski managed to infuse Chinatown with that sense of corruption and nihilism so prevalent in noir in bright Southern California despite employing a photographic element previously thought antithetical to film noir style: Above the Film Noir Genre The viewer sees a private eye and beautiful client.

There is one point in the film where Gittes tells Evelyn that there is something black in the green part of her eye.On the surface, Chinatown has all the elements of a film noir: the presence of a beautiful but dangerous woman, otherwise known as the femme fatale, a gritty urban setting, compositional tension (highly contrasting light and dark colors or oblique camera angles), and themes of moral ambiguity and alienation.

Chinatown, however, is different. Read Chinatown: Above the Film Noir Genre free essay and over 88, other research documents. Chinatown: Above the Film Noir Genre. The viewer sees a. video essay that calls film noir a genre. I am more than aware of the I am more than aware of the history of this debate and it was covered in Part III on Pragmatics.

Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, a film, is an excellent example of a Neo-Noir film that presents how things actually happen instead of how people think they should happen. It contradicts the classic American dream reality of a happy ending and presents a reality that breaks everything one believed after the ending.

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Chinatown above the film noir genre essay
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