Essay on community health nursing

Health Educator Health education is an accepted activity at all levels of public work. Consults with and refers to appropriate personnel for any other community services.

Member of a team In operating within the team, one must be willing to listen as well as to contribute, to teach as well as to learn, to lead as well as to follow, to share authority as well as to work under it. Nurses have four fundamental responsibilities to promote health, to prevent illness, to restore health and alleviate suffering.

Facilitate means create favorable conditions for action. If health and other workers are not practicing health education in their daily work, they are not doing their job correctly.

Helping people to look as their ideas so that they could see which were the most useful and the simplest to put into practice.

Most people use the term health education and health promotion interchangeably. Suggest areas that need research by creating dissatisfaction Participate in planning for the study and in formulating procedures.

As far as distinguishing between public health nursing, community health nursing, and community based nursing, they are different in many ways. Co-Researcher Provides the community with stimulation necessary for a wider or more complex study of problems.

Community Health Nursing Essay

Continuing guidance and supervisory assistance. When treating someone with skin infection or malaria, a health worker should also educate the patient about the cause of the illness and teach preventive skills. It promotes engagement of healthy lifestyles among individuals and families within the community.

Since all nurses should adhere to these four fundamental responsibilities, there should not be more than one code of ethics for nurses. At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to: Your nursing practice is driven by the current Regulations and legislation governing Nursing and Home Health Care.

Knows how to place a touch of humor to keep audience alive. Health education is often very visible and tangible i. Set local priorities for health related interventions to provide the greatest benefit to the most people.

Able to cope with different situations. Order now Course Description: Community Health Nurses possess a sense of humor. Tell people about locally available health care programs and improve access to care. Community health nursing is a synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice applied in promoting and preserving the health of populations.

Involves participants actively in assuming the responsibility for his own learning. She takes into consideration these aspects of health education. Without Health Education, the patient may fall sick again from the same disease.

Health workers must also realize that their own personal example serves to educate others. You must feel confident in competently and proficiently care for a wide range of clinical issues and best practices, examples include: Encouraging people to choose the idea best suited to their circumstances.

Help interpret findings collectively. Brings about issues in smooth subtle manner. Utilize principles of public health core functions and health education to formulate population focused health promotion interventions that address the goals of state, national and international objectives outcomes.

Community Health Nursing

A health educator is the one who improves the health of the people by employing various methods or scientific procedures to stimulate, arouse and guide people to healthful ways of living.

Health education is part of health promotion, but health promotion is more than health education. When comparing the nursing code of ethics of different types of nursing, I find that there is no difference.

Health Education WHO define Health Education as any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes.Community health nursing is a synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice applied in promoting and preserving the health of populations.

We will write a custom essay sample on Community Health Nursing. Community Based Nursing Community health nursing is defined as a synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promoting and preserving the health of populations, according to the ANA in Free Essay: Community Health Assessment of Chamberlain College of Nursing NR Fall Session, November Audrey L.

Hendrix Community Health. Community Health Nursing. There are many fields in which a registered nurse can specialize. One group of these fields is known as Community Health Nursing. Course Description: Continued study of nursing models and application of relevant theories to guide nursing practice as it pertains to health promotion and risk reduction.

The field of community health nursing has evolved through four distinct stages. The early home care.

Essay on community health nursing
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