Measuring sponsorship roi

Benchmark In order to track changes in brand awareness you need to benchmark against your baseline metrics, looking at a long enough time period to spot any natural peaks and troughs, as well as any anomalies. However, brand awareness has always been one of the hardest things to measure.

However, many marketers the skip pre-testing because many believe being first in the market offers them an advantage over competitors, so they forgo the research. They understand the core needs of those attending events and they offer the opportunity to provide solutions to sponsors. Places for testing advertising effectiveness: Every employee should be included, or else a self-selected group of disgruntled employees may have the loudest voices and skew results.

How to Measure Brand Awareness

Food puts people in a good mood and provides a needed break and rest. It takes into account the number of followers of each author who mentions you. There are two main things you need to accomplish in an event sponsorship proposal: Furthermore, event sponsorship has changed and your sponsors are much savvier than ever before.

Because of this substantial start-up effort, your sponsorship opportunity must be highly lucrative to be worth the effort for an outside sponsorship seller or broker to take on your event. It also is wise to show how your event is in line with their mission. Bryant is a entrepreneur, trainer, and strategic training adviser for many organizations.

Pupil dilation suggests a stronger interest in an ad or implies arousal or attention-getting capabilities. Create tantalizing sponsorship opportunities that stimulate the interest of the most demanding brands.

Look at search volume data Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to check the volume of searches for your brand name, and to track it over time to see if search volumes are increasing.


Prospecting to the marketing department is your best bet unless the prospect has a specific sponsorship person or department. Information collected includes observations of visitor experiences, demos, graphics and signage, attention-getting techniques, promotion, attendance, sponsorship activities, etc.

Measure the influence of the event versus other factors on these purchases. Make a spreadsheet of these companies, categorizing them by the products or services they sell. It can be increasing customer engagement via their own online community, or employee collaboration using a CRM Customer Relationship Management solution or even a Wiki.

Berge, a professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County published a study on exactly this topic. Some of the common questions asked here are: So if someone with a million followers tweets about your brand it will spread brand awareness much more than a share from somebody who has friends.

From standard registration data and attendance numbers, through to surveys and sponsorship deals, there is a lot of useful information to crunch. Respondents may want to impress the interviewer or fear looking unknowledgeable if they continually claim not to recognize an ad. Scores are based on percentage of respondents who can accurately recall the ad, idea communication, and likelihood of purchase.

Think differently to entice your sponsors: Often, it is felt that the benefits of lab testing outweigh the drawbacks, and lab testing should be strongly considered in the evaluation process.

There are a few clues that can help you assess the companies that are more likely to listen to your sponsorship approach and those that will be a waste of time.

What is the cost per learning hour? In a lab testing environment, participants from the target market are brought in to be asked questions about the ad or to evaluate their reaction towards it. You can use also use this method to calculate ROI by comparing the value of the business impact with the cost of implementing the training program for those people.

Make your inventory creative! But do they really tell you anything of substance?To get more event sponsorship, this post looks at quick tips to understand the needs of your event sponsors, and get them to invest in your event. Sponsorship across our 11 national industry conferences provides opportunities for organizations to have access to, and exposure with, ANA members and other conference attendees through exhibit spaces, coffee breaks, dinners, breakfasts, receptions, and so much more.

There are two levels of sponsorship offered at national industry. Marketing accountability means linking marketing actions to financial performance in order to: 1) drive business growth through continuous improvement in Marketing ROI; and.

2) enhance CMO effectiveness by proving the contribution of Marketing to enterprise value. I’ve written a lot about sponsorship valuations lately and, while this is not a post about valuation, sponsorship ROI is a close cousin.

Before we get started, make sure you check out these two posts, which will be referenced throughout this article: Case Study: Sponsorship Valuation Best Practices The Essential Guide to Sponsorship.

In my previous post, I took a look at what "soft ROI" means and some of the activities that make up soft ROI. In this post, I provide some ways to measure it. Traditional Advertising: Measuring the effectiveness of traditional advertising has been done in the 's and 's through different processes.

Measuring sponsorship roi
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